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Thursday, December 15, 2011

DYI Ornament

Looking for a last minute gift?? Here is an easy DIY Ornament that you can put together within minutes.  Start by getting a clear plastic ball (I found them at Michaels and they are on sale!!).

Now it is time to find the accessories. I like peacock feathers, and you can attach them to the gold bauble a top of the ornament with a glue gun.  Gently put the bauble back on by carefully slipping the feather into the ornament.  Adorn the ornament with a beautiful satin ribbon to hang from the tree.

I also have a love affair with { glitter } .... If you are on a budget, head over to your nearest "dollarstore" for tubes of glitter (and if you have cents to share, then check out Martha Stewart's glitter collection which comes in a bajillion different colours).  Fill the ornament with the glitter about 1/4 full.  Find a jewel, and similar to the peacock feather, attach the jewel to the bauble.  Keep in needs to fit into the ornament.  Shake the ornament up to get the glitter moving around, and voila! {something beautiful}

Go on....get creative!

Love & Style,


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