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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Warm and Fuzzy

Here in New is getting cold. So cold, that my eyelashes froze on my five minute walk to Starbucks for my beloved tall skinny caramal machiato!  So in light of everyone who is freezing, here is how to stay stylish and warm this cold season.

1.  Invest in a warm coat that can do double duty.  Your jacket should be versatile and long so you can wear it over a dress, dress clothes, or dressed down with jeans and a warm sweater.  Go for a higher end coat so it can last you several seasons.

2. You don't want to ruin your fabulous new pumps, so get yourself a stylish pair of boots that will get you around while you treck through the snow.  Pick a boot with a wedge heel (2 inch is ideal) so you can get height, but you still have a solid base to walk on ice.

3. Keep your head warm and cozy with a cute knit hat.  No need to break the bank when buying your hat.  Look for a great deal, and you can get more than one and change up your look.

4. No snood about it... ditch the scarf, and welcome to the world of the snood.  Just throw it on, wrap it around your neck a few times, and voila...stylish!

5.  Complete your winter look with a pair of coloured leather gloves.  Look for a pair that have fun embellishments.  This is another easy way to add style and flare to your winter blues, and turn them into winter fun!


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