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Friday, February 11, 2011

International Dinner Party

I love to entertain, and I have been throwing dinner parties since I was in High School.  One of my favourite dinner party ideas is the International Dinner Party. This can be a monthly occasion with you and your closest friends.  Each month, a friend is elected to host a dinner party, using a different country each month as your concept.  Let's take Thailand for the first example.  Create a menu of Thai recipes (but remember to keep it simple so you don't spend the whole party in the kitchen),  and when creating your invitations and decor, use the colours of the country.  Do your research prior and incorporate authenticity to your dinner party.  The next month, a different friend uses a different country. 

Here are some ideas for your international dinner party:
  • Mexican
  • Chinese
  • Canadian
  • Thailand
  • Greek
  • Vietnamese
  • Japanese

- T

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