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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Made up with Make up

The other day, I had Debby Clements who is a professional make up artist stop by the studio, and gave me a mini bride-over.  Being a lady who LOVES make-up, I never realized how many techniques there were to applying make-up, and that there is actually a make-up application specifically for brides.

When a professional make-up artist does your make-up for your wedding day, they keep in mind that you will be having your photo taken all day.  A great trick I learned was to apply a primer before your foundation which puts a layer over the skin to create a blank canvas.  Your foundation will be clean, and make you look flawless.  There are highlighting techniques that can be used on your face which again can compliment you, and make you look flawless when on camera.

There are so many more things to consider, and I am certainly no expert in the application process.  Keeping that in mind, I think it is very important to hire a professional make-up artist, and get a consultation so that you look even more amazing on your wedding day.

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