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Friday, November 19, 2010


Veils can be time honoured tradition or a fashion statement to complete a stunning look. Either way, a bride should be informed before picking the perfect veil that suits her and her dress!  Here are a few things to consider when deciding on your veil:

-There are three lengths of veils. 
The elbow length veil is most commonly used for formal and semi formal weddings, is generally used for gowns without a train and will enhance any detailing at or around the waist of the gown. It also compliments a gown with a full skirt. 
The fingertip veil can be worn with any full length gown. It is not recommended for gowns with a train. It falls right at the fingertips of the bride if her hands are at her side and is used for formal and semi-formal weddings.
Cathedral veils are worn only for formal weddings. The veil will extend onto the floor at least six inches past the train for a very dramatic look.

- If you have an ornate dress, do consider a simple veil.  You don't want one to compete with the other.
- Dont' forget to bring your veil with you for your hair trial.  You and your stylist will want to decide if your veil will sit high or low in your hair
- If you are petit, don't go with a large veil. It will only make you look smaller
- Consider a narrow cut veil which creates the illusion on slimness
- If veils do not fit your personality, consider a bird cage which is smaller, and packs major style!!

Come into the studio to check out our selection of veils and accessories, 3225 rue Principale Ouest, Dieppe, NB.

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