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Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Nails a Must

I have been told by men that unkept nails are a major turnoff.  Ladies...its important to keep your nails looking polished.  I am a nail biter, and I find the best way to keep me from doing that is to have on a fabulous colour nail polish.  In my search, I found a fun website on opi, where you can pick your nail length, skin tone, and try on every colour of the rainbow. 

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Another great trick I have learned along the way is that when you are done giving yourself a mani, and you don't have the time to let the polish dry, run your nails under ice cold water for as long as you can take it.  It gets pretty icy, so much that it hurts, but it works when you are in a rush.  (I learned this trick from the ladies at the spa).



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