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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hip to be a Square Cake

Wedding cakes... a staple to the wedding. They can showcase your personality, your wedding theme, and your taste for something tasty. As always, I am not a fan of the traditional, but a fan of the unique. I came across a few square wedding cakes, with unique touches that will add wow factor to anyones wedding.

In my search for the square cake, I also stumbled accross the history of having a wedding cake.  It started out with acient Greece and the breaking of bread over the head of the bride and groom. The guests would break the bread, which symbolized good fortune, health, and fertility. At the end, the guests would scramble for pieces of the bread to bring home with them, which in turn would give them the same good fortune.

I think I prefer to eat cake then to have bread in my hair.......

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