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Monday, September 20, 2010

An underwater illusion

Looking for a centerpiece that is simple, yet adds a bit of wow to your table? Check out this candle which appears to be lit while submersed in water. This is a very simple piece to put together, and can be done for a wedding in 3 to 5 vases, or you can pull this together for a last minute diner party centerpiece.

Take two similar shape vases and place a smaller one inside a larger one. Place a candle into the smaller vase.  Pour water into the larger vase (just make sure you do not overflow the water into the smaller vase). Make sure to put the vases into one another first before you pour the water. If not.... you will make a watery mess.  Next, add food coloring to get your desired colour (which is can match it exactly to your colours). 

For an extra added effect, place flowers or other objects into the large vase and let them float. Viola....less than 5 minutes and you have an incredible statement!

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