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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wrap it up!

Time to talk parties. There is so much that goes into to being a host/hostess, but what about when you are a guest. You may be bringing a gift for a guest of honour, or you want to show your appreciation to the host/hostess. As much as the gift is the most important, do not neglect the wrapping paper. I have never been a huge fan of gift bags. They are boring, and not fun to unwrap. A gift which is wrapped can be put out on display, and let all the other guests ooooh and ahhhh over your great creation.

When it comes to wrapping, anything goes. A great place to look is the dollar store for little items to add to the wrapping. Things like beads, or twigs can add a statement to your gift. Browse the internet for crafts to adorn your gift as well (Martha Stewart is a great place to start). Tissue paper flowers take a bit of time, but it is worth it in the end.  Choose your wrapping paper carefully. Look for paper which does not have gift patterns, or the ugly flowers (which is common). If you can't find nice paper, check out a craft store for beautiful paper or use something you have around the house. Brown paper or newsprint can be very creative.

If you are not skilled in wrapping (yo yo what up dawg...I just had to make that joke), then enlist in some help. Coming soon to designs studio & co. is couture gift wrapping. Time to spice up your presents everyone.

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