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Thursday, March 31, 2011

DS&Co.'s Top 2011 Wedding Trends

We at DS&Co. have the great privilege to be a part of many Weddings for this upcoming season!  We are noticing some "super cute" trends that we want to share with you!

Old School Photography

Photography is taking a vintage spin.  Your photo's could feel just as though they have come out of the 70's.
Pretty and Simple

We love creating all types of Wedding styles.  One of our fav's is the "Simple Wedding".  With long tables to create stream lined looks, but is all reminiscent of times in the past, it accentuates the tasteful decor.  Must trends, vintage glass ware, country flowers, and tin cans which create a vintage-chic ambiance!


Add those touches that represent who you are as a couple.  You do not need to make this complicated... just meaningful!

Food... Food... and more Food!

Share with your guests food that you LOVE! Pic yummy taste's that will make your guests remember for years to come.  For example a Mashed Potato Station which is served in Martini Glasses with a selection of your favourite toppings.  Another choice could be BBQ'd Corn on the Cobb! Have a selection of seasonings, can you say "super yummy"!

With so many choices and inspirations, all I can say is the biggest trend is being YOU! My only advice to you would be do not worry about the day... but focus on the journey.



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