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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Kissing Game

Everyone knows the kissing tradition at weddings.  Everyone clinks their glass, and the newlyweds have to stand up and smoochy smoochy in front of the entire room.  Out with the tradition, and in with the fun.  Here are some great suggestions to make your guests get involved, and have a great time!

  1. Sing a Song with the word "LOVE" in it.
  2. If Someone wants the Bride and Groom to kiss, they must go to the microphone and tell a joke or funny story.
  3. Set up a Miniature golf course near the head table (1 Hole). The participants must get a Hole In One in order for the Bride and Groom to Kiss.
  4. ICEBREAKER - SHARE THE WORK. Instead of having the Bride and Groom kiss all the time, have all the couples names that are in attendance in a jar, have the Bride and Groom draw a couples name and have that couple kiss
  5. DONATION OF MONEY TO A CHARITY - Select your favorite charity. If the crowd wants you to kiss, they have to make a donation (the bigger the donation the better and longer the kiss).
  6. Use a hula hoop. Tell people that they have to hula for 30 seconds to make you kiss. This will also make for some great photo ops!
  7. Play a game of name that tune. The first person to come up with the answer stands up at their table and calls it out to the DJ. If they are right the couple kisses .
  8. Ask a question about yourself either individually or as a couple, put one question in an envelope on "each table". The table has to put their collective heads together to "answer" the question on their table. If answered "correctly" the Bride & Groom will kiss.
  9. Make the guests come up with a top 10 list similar to David Letterman's top 10 list - each table has a certain theme, and has to come up with a list of 10 top 10 honeymoon activities (!), top 10 reasons why Bride & Groom are perfect for each other, top 10 famous couples, etc etc...(no wrong answers really, but it makes your guests work a little for the kiss!)


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