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Friday, March 11, 2011

Weddi-quette Series

Q.  My mother has always dreamed of me getting married in her dress, but it does not fit me and it isn't my style.  I want her to be happy, but how do I tell her that I want my own wedding gown?

A.  It is important that your mom feel special on your wedding day, but she needs to understand that it is YOUR wedding.  You don`t want to hurt her feelings, but politely explain that you love the idea, but you have always dreamed of having your own gown that reflects your personality.  A great way though to ease your mother is to request to have a piece of her wedding gown or veil, and use the material as a wrap for your bouquet.  Adorn your bouquet and vintage wrap with a broach (which could be a family heirloom), and voila.... you have found a way to incorporate your mother`s wedding dress into your wedding.   Be firm in your decision, but she will understand.  She is your mother after all.

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