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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stanhope Beach Resort & Conference Center

Yesterday, Corry-Lynn and I went over to Prince Edward Island to visit the Stanhope Beach Resort & Conference Center.  It was adventure in its self to get there as both of us are terrible with directions, can't read a map or GPS, and couldn't quite figure out where South East was.  After a whirlind of lost driving, we finally made it to our destination, and what a spectacular venue it is!

Nestled Near the Covehead Bay, you have a stunning view of the bay and harbour.  Although it was really cold (and my toes nearly froze off), you couldn't help but be awestruck. 

The inside is quaint and exploding with personality. Beautiful rooms, great food, and a stunning venue for weddings, it is well worth the trip up. Not to mention, Susan Freeman, the Director of Sales and Conference Services, has 20 years experience with weddings.  She was an absolute pleasure to deal with, and the length she goes to help the brides is incredible.


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